Four chairs lined up against a wall, representing the waiting area of a hospital

Our Mission

The ACE Family Foundation is dedicated to assisting the families in our community who are helping loved ones with life-threatening illnesses. Our foundation will strive to shine light by offering assistance and support.

Supporting Our Community,

One Family at a Time

Scholarship Program

The ACE Family Foundation works in collaboration with local high schools to provide scholarship opportunities for high school seniors pursuing a 2 or 4 year degree.

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Sunshine & Smiles

Helping families who are being impacted by chronic and life-threatening illnesses is at the heart of the ACE Family Foundation. Our Sunshine & Smiles program involves the delivery of sunshine and smiles to families through deliveries of gift cards, identified home needs, children's toys, and anything else that will bring a small bit of relief and joy into a family's life during a difficult time.

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